Thursday, 23 April 2015

Room 7 science technicians!

We are developing our skills as science technicians, through learning about cause and effect and how different materials react to each other.

We looked into walking water.

We looked at the equipment we needed and then discussed our predictions.  


What we need:
2 x paper towels
3 x glasses
2 x food colouring

Place the three glasses side by side.
Starting on the left hand side, fill that glass with water.
Squirt a generous amount of Red food colouring into the water.
Leave the next glass empty.
Now fill the glass on the far right hand side with water and add a generous amount of Green food colouring.
Fold a paper towel in half lengthways and again so that it will fit into the neck of your glass easily.
Now place one end of the paper towel into the Red water and bend the paper towel over the edge of the glass so that the other end sits in the empty glass in the middle.
Do the same on the other side: place one end of a paper towel into the Green water, and bend it over so that the other end rests in the empty glass in the middle.

Watch and wait.

We need the water from the two filled jars to get into the middle empty jar.
How can we do that?

“We can pour it.” Hazel
“Pour water in it.” Faith
“Get a tissue and put it in the middle jar.”  Ashton N
“Someone holds the full jar and someone else holds the empty jar and then they pour it into the empty jar.”  Ella
“Put cornflour in it and it will make it solid then you can move it.”  Ben
“We should pour the green one in.”  Dallas
“Put it in at the same time.”  Jesleen

Next, we added the tissue and made our predictions (what we think is going to happen).

“The water will drip down from the tissue paper.” Sanjay
“Mix the colours” Hazel
“It’s going to drip down.  It’s going up then down.”  Jordan
“It’s like the tissue paper is drinking it.”  Blair

We are going out for sport. We predict that when we get back the middle jar will be ....
"The other jars will be empty." Meher
"The middle jar will be half full." Sanjay
"I think the middle jar will be full with purple water." Ishaan
"The tissue will drink all the water and put it in the other jar (the middle jar that's empty)." Noel
"The middle jar will be full." Kevin
"The water will be bubbly." Amira
"I think the middle jar will be half." Fiani
"My prediction is when it drinks all the water it might turn it orange." Ben
"The middle jar will be filled with purple water." Nathan
"I think the green is going to go in first then the red." Dallas
"It will be nearly full." Hazel

When we arrived back from sport the jars looked like this:
Early the next morning the jars looked like this:
By the end of the next day:

Were our predictions right?

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